School Buses

Term One  
Buses will continue to run as per 2019 for the first term of this year.  There are still 3 buses; Greenpark, Kaituna / Prices Valley and Otahuna / McQueens.  Please see the attached maps detailing bus routes.  There are no changes for this term, and times will remain the same for drop offs and pickups as per last year.  These may vary slightly from the maps so it will be best to speak to Jude and the bus drivers about times if you are new.   Jude Irwin remains the Bus Controller for our school.  Please feel free to email or chat with her by phone or in person to discuss the bus.  Jude’s direct phone number is 0220724672.   Please contact Jude if your child is a new bus traveller, so we can add them to our list and sort out bus times.   All children need a bus vest to travel on the bus.  There are a few spares at school, but you are also welcome to purchase your own.  These need to be bright and fluorescent.   Travelling on the bus in the morning, the bus driver will stop if your children are waiting at their stops with their vests on.  If you decide to take your children to school yourselves, that is fine, and you don’t need to contact school.  The bus driver will just pick up waiting children.   After school, pupils line up in the Hall to be marked off their bus rolls.  Senior pupils are Bus Monitors, and have a significant role to play in helping with the buses.   If a bus is held up for a break down or similar, you will be notified by School App that your children may be late that day.
Term Two 
The Ministry of Education has proposed changes to our bus routes to meet the changes that have occurred in recent years with numbers of pupils at school taking buses and the locations of pupils attending our school.   We intend to fully consult with you, our parent community, before these changes are put in place. A meeting will be held relatively early in the term to discuss these changes with you, a date is yet to be confirmed.   We will be putting a survey out to parents to complete so we can learn more about our school’s bus use.  We are aiming to have this out to you in Week 2.   Please visit the Ministry of Education website – Eligibility Criteria and Bus Route Design Guidelines, to check your children are eligible for the bus.  The rule is that pupils need to be 3.2km from school to be eligible.  If there is space on the buses, pupils who live closer are usually able to catch the bus, but this is at the discretion of the school once numbers are assessed.   When the proposed routes came out, it appeared that some pupils would be sitting on buses for an extraordinary length of time.  Bernadette May and myself questioned the Lead Ministry person, Craig Reynolds, in regards to this, and he explained that although it appeared that way on paper, it wasn’t allowing for the bus travel time out to the first stop.  He assured us that pupils would not be on the bus for those periods of time, and they usually aimed to have pupils on buses for no longer than approximately 45minutes.   Please have a look at the attached maps of the new bus routes, and start thinking about things you would like to discuss at our consultation meeting.  There were some concerns raised last term in regards to the safety of some stops.  We can take a look at these and review at this meeting.

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